TruVoice Release on December 21, 2017

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  • Data Export (Beta)
    • Updated export emails to contain a link to download zip file rather than zip file attachment
    • Insight export updated to have just one header row
  • Research/Analyze
    • Added aspect definitions to aspect control


  • Research (All Modules)
    • Users were being logged out without warning while still active on the page
  • Research/Interview
    • Contact history pop up not working
  • Research/Sample
    • Filtering on some columns wasn't working
  • Research/Analyze
    • When a user selected an Attribute with aspects, aspects were assigned by default
  • Dashboard
    • Exporting interviews for one program wasn't working 
  • Tokens
    • Fixed formatting for Deal size token
  • Data Export (Beta)
    • Exports with active filters were not being delivered
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