How do I add a user to TruVoice?

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Before users can sign in and access TruVoice, they need accounts. Users are added through the Administration / Users & Groups module. Only user’s designated as Administrators have access to Users & Groups.

  1. Select Administration.
  2. Select Users & Groups.


  1. Select the Users tab.


  1. Click + Add User, to open the New User window.


  1. Enter the Email address, First name, and Last name of the new user.

Note: For the last field to recognize that information has been entered, you’ll need to click anywhere outside of the field. This is part of required validation when adding users.


  1. By default, Email me password and Send introduction email will be selected, you can deselect these with a click.


  1. Click Add.

Note: If the Add button is grayed out, you may need to click outside of the last field entered. This is part of required validation when adding users. This step needs to take place, so that the validation can occur.


  1. If the email domain is different than the existing user’s a warning message will appear. You can click Yes to add the user or cancel to update the email address.


Note:  The above-highlighted question must be answered to enable you to continue to click 'Yes' on this warning message.

  1. You will be navigated to the Edit User view for the new user where you can add the user to groups, assign rightsapply restrictions, and view user activity.


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