How do I create a new template?

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In Templates, you can create a new email or script for a template category to use throughout your program.

  1. Select Program Settings.
  2. Select Templates.


  1. Select the template category.


  1. Select the Plus + sign.


  1. This will redirect you to the Add Template page.

Note: the fields available on the Add Template page will change depending on the template category selected.


  1. If applicable, select an outcome from the Used for drop-down.


  1. Enter a Label that will help you easily identify the template. This label will be used to name the template in the main view of Templates and throughout TruVoice.


  1. If applicable, enter a Subject line (this is a required field).
    • You can add Tokens by clicking on the key symbol, learn more here.

Note: The subject line will appear as the subject of the outgoing email.


  1. Enter the template content in the body.
    • You can copy and paste content or type in the body directly.
    • Add Tokens by clicking on the key symbol, learn more here.
    • The text box includes some basic formatting options, such as; bold, italic, underline, and text color.
    • You can edit the template by reviewing the html source, click on </>.


  1. Select Test to receive a test version of the email template. Testing ensures the formatting and wording of the email are displaying correctly.
    • Make any changes needed and test again.


  1. Once you are satisfied with the template, click Save.


  1. The new template is now available for use.


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