How can I add an opportunity to TruVoice?

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This article describes how to add an opportunity and its contacts to TruVoice. Once an opportunity is added, it is ready to begin the research process.

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Add Sample Location

  1. Select Research.
  2. Select Sample.


  1. Click Add Sample, on the right-hand side of the screen.


  1. You will be taken to the Add Opportunity view.



Adding an Opportunity

  1. Type in the opportunity information on the left-hand side of the screen under Opportunity.


  1. The Company and Opportunity are required fields.
    • The Opportunity name is important as it is used throughout TruVoice, so be sure to enter exactly what should be reflected throughout TruVoice.
  1. Enter the Opportunity Value. Although it is not a required field, this number is used throughout TruVoice, including the Dashboard. It is a best practice to provide it
  1. Select the product(s) associated with this opportunity.


  1. Click on the Sales reps field to search for a sales rep already in TruVoice. It is not a required field.
    • If you cannot find the sales rep, then you can add them now by clicking on the Plus sign.


    • It will pop-up the Add Sales Rep window.
    • Fill in the sales rep information and click Add.


NOTE: you cannot add a sales rep if the domain of the email address is different than the domain used for the CIP.

  1. An Outcome is required, click the drop-down arrow to select the outcome.
  2. Add a Custom ID, such as a opportunity number. This is an optional field.
  3. Add any Opportunity Notes. This is an optional field.


Adding Contacts

  1. To add contacts for this opportunity, click the Plus sign in the Contacts view.


  1. It will pop-up the Add Contact window.


  1. Type in the contact’s information. You are required to enter a First name and Last name.


  1. Click on the Details tab. This tab contains custom fields for your program. You can edit or add fields in Program Settings > Framework.


  1. Enter the applicable details.


  1. Ensure all the information is correct and click Add.

Tip: The Priority indicator is helpful to apply when there is more than one contact for an opportunity. It lets your Primary Intelligence or scheduling team know who they should attempt to contact first.


  1. After you have entered the Opportunity and Contact information, click the Save button.


  1. The new opportunity is now available in Sample and available for scheduling.


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