How to Import Sample?

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If you have multiple opportunities to add for your program, you can add them in bulk using Import Sample in Sample. To import you will need to use an Import Template. Please see the Sample Import Templates article if you need to learn how to download a template.

  1. Select Research.
  2. Select Sample.


  1. Select Import Sample, on the right-hand side of the screen.


  1. On the Import Sample page, click Select Files to choose the Excel CSV file to import and click Open. 

Note: your file must follow the template format. See this article for instructions.


  1. Click Import.


  1. If the import was successful, then a note will appear below your user name.


  1. If there was a problem during import, then you will see the Import Results section. Here you can:
    • See the number of contacts imported successfully
    • The total number of contacts not imported.
    • Download the list of rejected contacts with an added column with a list of errors.
    • Review the errors in the Error Summary table.


  1. Click on download the file with rejected contacts and open the file.
  2. In the Errors column you will see the list of all errors in the row. Make the necessary corrections.
  3. Once corrections have been made, delete the Errors column and re-save the file.


  1. Select the appropriate file and click Import.
    • If successful, then you will see the 'Import successful message' and the contacts will be available in Sample.
    • If there are errors, follow steps to fix errors and import again.


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