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In Templates you can edit, create, and manage the templates used for your program, such as interview published notifications, program alerts (e.g., action item alerts), scheduling emails, and scripts used for outreach to the opportunity contacts.

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  1. Select Program Settings.
  2. Select Templates.


Templates Overview

All programs are pre-populated with the standard templates; these can be customized or disabled as needed.

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Key Points

You cannot delete a template in TruVoice; however, you can disable or edit templates, or return them to the default messaging.


Template Categories

Interview Published Emails: This is the notification sent to subscribers when an interview gets published.

Notifying Contacts Emails: These are notifications sent to the opportunity contact to inform them of the program.

Program Emails: These are action item notifications, general action notifications, Discovery Session requests, invitations, and reminders, Discovery Services distribution emails, and interview link templates.

Scheduling Emails: These are the emails sent to opportunity contacts during the scheduling process.

Interviewing Scripts: These are scripts for interviewers to reference when calling a contact for the scheduled interview.

Scheduling Scripts: These are scripts to reference during the scheduling process, including voicemail and live scripts.


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