Sample Status: Where can I see the status of my sample?

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You can check the status of your sample for your program in the Sample Status report.

  1. Select Reports.
  2. Select Program Reports.
  3. Select Sample Status.

  1. This is the Sample statusThere are four components to the page: A chart showing your Opportunity Contacts by StageSample Summary, Active Sample Age, and the Sample Details grid.

Click to enlarge.

  1. The Sample Summary tile gives a quick summary of where your opportunities are in the scheduling process - complete, active, or won’t complete.

  1. The Active Sample Age tile gives an overview of how many opportunities were added more than four weeks ago and how many were added fewer than four weeks ago.

  1. View the Opportunity Contacts by Stage chart to see how many contacts are in each stage of the scheduling process.

The chart is interactive and can help you filter the details table:

  • Click the bar to filter the grid below to show opportunities in the selected stage.
  • Hover over the bar to see the number of contacts in the selected stage.
  • Hover over the legend key to see a description of the selected stage.
  • Export the chart to an image file.

  1. View the Sample Details grid for detailed information about the individual opportunities within the sample.

This grid is also interactive and can guide you to the contact's full research history. Find out how to see the history of a contact here.


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