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The Sample module is the place to add, edit, and manage your opportunities and contacts.

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  1. Select Research.
  2. Select Sample.


Sample Overview

The image below is a brief overview of the Sample landing page, which allows you to view and search for opportunities or contacts. This sample includes everything entered into your program for the research process, with the exception of contacts waiting for approval, rejected contacts, and deleted contacts. This view allows you to get an overall assessment of your sample for a specific initiative.

Note: When searching for sample try using specific opportunity names or tags, keep in mind the search box looks in every column for information.

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What is the difference between Sample, Opportunity, and Contact?

  • Sample: the opportunities and contacts submitted for scheduling.
  • Opportunity: the "sales opportunity" or the "deal" submitted by the client. An opportunity may have more than one contact submitted for scheduling; however, at least one contact is required to load an opportunity.
  • Contact: the key evaluators/decision makers involved in the sales/evaluation process for a specific opportunity. In order to add an opportunity, a contact is required.


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