How can I edit an opportunity?

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You can edit an opportunity or contact information after it's been added.

  1. Select Research.
  2. Select Sample.


  1. Select the opportunity you want to edit.


  1. Select the Options menu.


  1. Select Edit opportunity.


  1. To edit Opportunity details, click on the fields you want to edit and make your changes.
  2. Click Save.


  1. To edit Contact details, click the Options menu next to the contact name.

  1. Select Edit contact.


  1. The Edit Contact window will appear, make your changes in the necessary fields.

  1. You can add or remove tags from here.
    • To add, select a tag from the list of existing tags.
    • To remove, click on the X next to the tag name.


  1. Click Update.


  1. Click Save.


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