How do I assign rights to a User?

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In Users & Groups, users can be assigned individual rights through the Rights tab of the Edit User view.

Note: If a user is a member of a group they inherit rights from the group. However, if you assign individual rights it overrides the group rights.

  1. Select Administration.
  2. Select Users & Groups.


  1. Select the Users tab.


  1. Click on the name of the user you want to assign rights to.
  2. Select Edit User from the User Card.


  1. Click on the Rights tab.


  1. Select the program that you want to assign rights for in the drop down menu called Initiative.


  1. If you would like to use a standard rights type, then select an option from the User type drop-down.

Note: User type options are a way to quickly assign rights. Click here to learn more about User types.


  1. To apply custom rights, click the check box for the desired level of access for each available module.

Note: Modules available depend on your contracted software subscription choices.


  1. Click Save to apply the rights.


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