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You will manage your TruVoice users in the Users & Groups module. The primary purpose of this module is to set up and manage users and their rights, which can be done at the user level or the group level. Only Administrators will have access to Users & Groups.

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  1. Select Administration.
  2. Select Users & Groups.


Users Overview


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User card

The User card is shown when a user is selected in the Users grid. This card shows basic details about the user with action buttons to edit the user, reset their password, export details, and either enable or disable the user.

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Groups Overview

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Group card

The Group card is shown when a group is selected in the Groups grid. This card shows basic details about the group and group membership, with action buttons to edit the group, export the group details, and delete the group.

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Key Information

How do rights and restrictions interact between users and groups?

  • Restrictions applied on the user level override rights assigned on a group level.  If you assign a group rights to a program and a user within that group is restricted from an interview from that program, the user will not see data for that interview even though their group has rights.
  • Group restrictions always apply to all users within the group. You cannot remove group restrictions on a user level. If you have a group member who should be an exception to a restriction, they must be removed from the group.

Why should I add a group?

  • Grouping users together makes it easier to assign rights, roles and restrictions – especially when a high number of users share the same access rights. Instead of constructing access rights for each user individually, form a group and apply the same set of rights across the group.

Group Ideas

  • Team based groups: Sales, Marketing, Product, Development
  • Program specific groups: Win Loss, Customer Experience, Market Research
  • Region-specific groups: West, South, Northeast
  • Application or rights-based groups: Those with access to a single module only, or those with rights to everything


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