How do I customize the Schedule view?

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From the Schedule view, users can filter, remove, add, and group columns to see opportunities and details to help manage the program.

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  1. Select Research.
  2. Select Schedule.


  1. Select Interviews.


Add or Remove Columns

  1. In any column header click on the options menu.


  1. Locate and hover over Columns from the drop-down to see a list of all available columns.


  1. Select or deselect the columns to add or remove them from the grid.

Note: The columns added or removed from the grid will save, columns do not reset when the session ends.


Grouping Columns

  1. Click and drag the column header to the section above the headers which says “Drag a column header and drop it here to group by that column”.


  1. The grid will update to reflect the contacts by the grouped column.


Additional Customization

  1. You can add multiple columns to group similar contacts together.
    • For example; you can add the Opportunity column to this grouping.


    • As you can see, the grouping has become too specific. To change the grouping to be by Opportunity then Priority click and drag the column header to reorder the grouping.


    • Now your grid reflects the opportunity name, then the priority associated with each contact in the opportunity.


  1. In addition to multiple groups, you can filter or sort by columns to customize your results further.
    • For example; filter by a Date added range.

Note: The filtering applied will not reset. To remove a filter a user will need to clear the filters.


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