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In Framework you can manage, create, and define key information for your program.

Framework is divided into three sections: Overview, and Analysis and Communications. The Overview contains an Outcome Statement, any Program Notes, the Opportunity Value Settings, an Active Interview Published Notification and an Active Generic Survey Link. Analysis contains all of the available secondary information fields and attributes for Analysts to use.  Communications contains all automatic notification settings applicable to your program.

Framework Overview


  • Select Program Settings | Framework, and select Overview.


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  1. Object of the Program.
  2. Set the notification template sent when an interview is published.
  3. Add notes about the program.
  4. Find the generic survey link here.
  5. Change the value symbol/position for your program.
  6. Click to Save.

The Overview page includes: Outcome Statement, Program Notes, Opportunity Value Settings, Active Interview Published Notification, Active Generic Survey Link.


  • Select Program Settings | Framework, and select Analysis.


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  1. Select from Secondary Information or Analysis Attributes.
  2. Includes secondary analysis fields, such as Buyer Role and Buyer Type.
  3. Add new Analysis options.
  4. Edit, Disable or Enable options from the buyer Analysis view.

The Analysis page includes the secondary analysis fields, such as buyer role and buyer type, and it also includes a full list of analysis attributes available or the program.


  • Select Program Settings | Framework, and select Communications.


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  1. Shows all active interview published notifications.  You can view the Template that will be sent out by clicking on the Templates link.
  2. Automatic Template Updates – This will allow the client to decide if they want to accept the default templates from TruVoice or not.  If this is turned on, then each time a template has been updated in TruVoice, it will automatically update the active interview published notification automatically.  If this is turned off, then the client is responsible for updating their own templates. 

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