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Tags is a place for you to manage the tags for your program. You can create new tags, add existing tags to sample, rename a tag, merge tags, delete a tag group, see tags associated to contacts, view the list of existing tags, and see how often a tag has been used.

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Tags Location

  1. Select Program Settings.
  2. Select Tags.


Tags Overview


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What is a tag?

A tag is a descriptive keyword or label used to categorize a contact with similar contacts. Tags help describe an item and allow it to be found again by browsing or searching. Tags are great when no built-in filter is available. You can use tags to identify trends with your data. Examples include tags dedicated to a fiscal period, region, or type of business or industry.

For example, you could add tags that reference your sales regions, such as “Western_Region,” “Eastern_Region” and “Southern_Region.”
Note: The best time to set up a tag for a program is when you first get the sample.


Tips & Tricks

Key Points

  • You can include letters, numbers, and nearly all symbols, but make sure the name is easy to understand. Remember these tags will be viewed and used throughout the program.
  • Tags cannot contain spaces. Use dashes, underlines, or capitalization instead for readability.
  • Tags must be associated with at least one contact to exist; however, we do not recommend a tag be associated with just one contact.

Not sure what tags to create? Here are some ideas

  • Team-based tags: Role-Sales, Department-Marketing, Team-Product&Development
  • Region-based tags: Reg-West, Area-South, Location-Northeast
  • Country tags: Country-USA, France, Etc.
  • Calendar tags: Fiscal Year (FY-Q1), Quarter_1st, Month-June


  • Create groups of tags by beginning the tag name with the type of category. For example, Product: Manpower HR & Payroll and Product: Manpower Suite.
  • Don't create two tags that are synonyms, like "Country-USA" and "Country_UnitedStates". Users won't know which tag to select when trying to filter.
  • If you have a series of tags that are similar, such as sales regions, use the category name at the beginning of the tag ("SalesRegion:") so that users can see them grouped together when sorting tags alphabetically.


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