How do I use the tag filter in Tags?

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You can filter the sample list in the Tags module to see how many contacts are associated to a specific tag or set of tags.

  1. Select Program Settings.
  2. Select Tags.


  1. Click Filter By Tags.


  1. This is the Filter By Tags window. Select the tag(s) you want to filter by.
    • You can view the tags in the cloud view or as a list, using the cloud/list toggle.


  1. Under the tag cloud/list view, you have a couple options to help refine your results.
  2. Option one; Include items with:
    • At least one select tag; this is similar to an OR filter. This means if a contact has at least one of the tags from your selection it will be included in this filter.
    • Every selected tag; this is similar to an AND filter. This means a contact must have all tags from the selection assigned to it to be included in this filter.


  1. Option two; Filter by
    • Including selected tags; will show sample with the tag(s) you selected assigned to it.
    • Excluding selected tags; will show sample that does not have the tag(s) from your selection assigned to it.


  1. Click OK to apply the filter.

Note: if you close the filter window the grid will only show the sample that met your requirements; however, the numbers in the Assigned Tags cloud/list view will not update to reflect the filter.

  1. To clear the filter, select Filter By Tags.
  2. Click Clear and close the window.



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