Where can I get a list of contacts and their tags?

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You can get an export of your contacts with a list of tags assigned to them from the Tags options menu.

  1. Select Program Settings.
  2. Select Tags.


  1. Click the Options menu located on the right-hand side of the screen next to the cloud/list view toggle.
  2. Select Export.


  1. The export will download as an Excel file.
  2. The export file will look similar to the one below.
    • Tags are listed as columns.
    • Contacts are listed as rows.
    • For each contact an 'x' is shown in each column where the tag is applied to them.

Note: exports only include columns visible in the grid.


  1. You can customize the export in a couple ways.
    • Add or remove columns from the grid.
      • To add or remove columns, select the filter button on a column header.
      • Go to Columns.
      • Select or deselect the columns from the list.
    • Filter By Tags to refine your results. Click here to see how to filter by tags.


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