How do I combine tags into one tag?

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If you have duplicate tags or tags with different labels that mean the same thing, then you can combine them into one tag by using Merge in Manage Tags.

  1. Select Program Settings.
  2. Select Tags.


  1. Click the Options menu.
  2. Select Manage Tags.


  1. Select the tags you want to Merge

Note: You can select as many tags as needed; however, at least two tags are required in order to merge.


  1. Select Merge.


  1. Type in the merged tag name and click Save.


  1. A message will appear asking you to confirm that you want to merge the tags you selected.
  2. Click Yes.


  1. You will now see the merged tag name on the list.

Note: All contacts who were tagged with any of the tags that were selected for merge will now be tagged with just the one merged tag.


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