How do I Disable and Enable Users?

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Users can be disabled and enabled from the Users & Groups module via the User Card or the Edit User view.

  1. Select Administration.
  2. Select Users & Groups.


  1. Ensure the Users tab is selected.


  1. Select the appropriate option from the toggle to filter the users.
    • If you are disabling active users, then use the Enabled or All option.
    • If you are enabling disabled users, then use the Disabled or All option.


  1. To disable/enable a single user from the User Card, select the desired user’s row.


  1. Select Disable/Enable on the User Card.
    • The Disable/Enable button changes if the user is currently disabled or enabled.


  1. To disable/enable a single user from the edit user view, select Edit User on the User Card.


  1. From the options menu select Disable or Enable.


  1. If you are disabling a user, then a confirmation message will appear.
  2. Click Yes to disable the user.


  1. To disable/enable multiple users, select the rows of the users you want to disable or enable.
    • Use SHIFT or CTRL on your keyboard to highlight the desired users.


  1. Select Enable All or Disable All on the Users Card.
    • The double checkmark symbol will Enable All.
    • The circle-backslash symbol will Disable All.


  1. All users from your selection have been disabled or enabled.


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