Analysis Options Overview

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Analysis Options Overview

The Analysis tab in Framework is where you can create, edit, and manage analysis options which appear in the Buyer Analysis view.

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  1. Select Program Settings.
  2. Select Framework.

  1. Select Analysis.


Analysis Options Overview

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Key Points

  • New programs have default analysis options available, these default options can be used as is, or they can be edited, disabled, and new options can be added.
  • Analysis options cannot be deleted, as this would mean deleting data; however, you can disable an option if it’s not needed.
  • The grid includes all options added to the program, which means both enabled and disabled options are visible.
  • Sort the grid by clicking the column header, this sorts from A-Z or Z-A.
  • Filter the grid by selecting the header options menu.


Analysis Options Types

In the Analysis tab of Framework, when a new Analysis Option is created the Type field is used to help categorize the information. Below is the list of available Types.

  • Buyer Role:  the buyer’s primary role in the evaluation and decision making process. This provides a better perspective of what part the contact played in the decision-making. For example, a person who uses the product/solution on a daily basis would be referred to as a User and/or End User.
  • Buyer Type:  the functional role the buyer has in their organization. For example, a person with the title HR Manager could be included in the “Human resources leader” Buyer Type classification.
  • Information:  additional information about the buyer’s company or information about the deal for the opportunity. This information is typically independent of any demographic data provided by the buyer during the interview. For example, if you have an information field for “Revenue” then the approximate annual revenue of the respondent’s organization would be added to this field.

When you create a new Analysis Option for Buyer Role or Buyer Type it is added as a selection option to the single or multi-select control for the associated analysis option. See the Analyze / Buyer Analysis article about adding secondary information to an interview.

When you create a new Analysis Option for the Information type, it will create an entirely new field where text can be entered. See the Analyze / Buyer Analysis article about adding secondary information to an interview or see the Sample article about adding details to a contact.


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