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The Conclude Interview page allows an interviewer to reschedule calls, attach or upload a recording to an interview, and mark the interview as completed, Partially completed, not needed, or not qualified.

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Location and Navigation

  1. Select Research | Interview.
  2. Hover over a scheduled interview.
  3. Select Conclude Interview.


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Conclude Interview Overview


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  1. Selecting an option from this list will change the view in the right-hand panel. See more information below on Completed Full Interview and Completed Part of the Interview.
  2. The Audio Recording Panel will update with the interviewer's saved recordings and allows the interviewer to attach a recording directly to the interview.

Note: This option is only available when "Completed Full Interview" or "Completed Part of the Interview" are selected.

  1. Interviewer’s Notes panel - Interviewers have the ability to save notes when they conclude an interview that are only available to editors and analysts as they prepare the interview.

Note: The notes saved in Interviewer’s Notes do not appear elsewhere in TruVoice, such as Research Notes and Activities.  They are only available for editing and analysis purposes.

  1. Research Notes Panel - The notes saved do appear in the Research Notes and Activities page.
  2. Ability to select if the Interview was Non-English, and if any Incentives have been applied.
  3. Ability to click the menu icon to see more options.



Completed Full Interview 

If the interview was completed as planned, then the interviewer can mark this as complete.


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  1. Select the recording specific to this interview.
  2. Attach any Interview notes - These notes are available only for editing and analysis purposes.
  3. Attach any research notes that are relevant.

Note: The Research notes will be also be visible in the Research Notes and Activities page.

     4. Click Save when done.



Completed Part of the Interview 

If only part of the interview was completed, then select this option from the list on the left-hand panel.

While the screen is very similar to the Completed Full Interview page, there is an additional section to be completed;


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This is the Additional Information panel.  From here you can select from 2 different options.

  • Additional interview scheduled for – If you have been able to secure a date and time with the respondent, then this information can be added here.
  • Need to schedule additional interview – If you have been unable to secure another interview date and time, then select this option.
  • You can also add any Additional information as necessary to accompany this.
  • Click Save when done.



Contact was not Available

If the respondent was unavailable and has reached the maximum number of touches (i.e., emails and calls) for the program, then the interviewer can terminate the interview through this section.


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In the Appointment Missed section, select Terminate contact, methodologies met, and proceed to Terminate Contact.

Alternatively, select from the other options;

  • Rescheduled for – Select this to enter the date and time of the Rescheduled interview.
  • Need to reschedule – Select this to push the interview back to the Scheduling queue.
  • Click Save when done.



Terminate Contact

Use this section if the contact has been disqualified or is not needed. When a selection is made from this page and saved, it removes the respondent from further research efforts.


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Select from;

  • Contact was not involved.
  • Contact was not interested
  • Contact was not qualified and referred new contact – If this option is selected, you can enter the name of the referred new contact.
  • Opportunity was not qualified: evaluation was too old
  • Opportunity was not qualified: no evaluation
  • Opportunity was not qualified: no decision yet
  • Opportunity was not qualified: no competitors
  • Opportunity was not qualified for any other reason
  • Contact is no longer needed
  • Click Save when done.



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