How do I upload a recording?

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You can upload recordings stored on your computer to an interview in either the Completed full interview or Completed part of the interview options in Conclude Interview.

  1. Select Research.
  2. Select Interview.



  1. Highlight the opportunity you need to upload recordings for.
  2. Select Conclude Interview.



  1. Select Completed full interview or Completed part of the interview.



  1. Select Upload Recording.


  1. This will open the Upload Recording page.


  1. Adjust the Call date and time.
  2. If the interviewer selected by default isn’t correct, then select the person who performed the interview.
  3. Add a Phone number.


  1. If adding multiple audio files, then adjust the Part field to reflect the appropriate order of the recordings.
  2. The Duration is automatically detected when your audio file loads.
  3. Click Select File.


  1. Choose an audio file from your computer and click Open.

Note: the file must be an MP3 file under 500MB.


  1. Click Save.


  1. The recording you uploaded is selected in the Audio Recording section of Interview Conclude.
    • If you have multiple audio files to upload for an interview, then repeat the steps above for each file.


  1. Click Save and the recording will be attached to the interview.


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