How do I disqualify an interview?

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In Conclude Interview an interview can be disqualified from the Contact was not available and Terminate contact options.

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  1. Select Research.
  2. Select Interview.

  1. Highlight the appropriate opportunity.
  2. Select Conclude Interview.


Contact Unavailable

If the contact was unavailable and has reached the maximum number of outreach (i.e., emails and calls) for the program, then you can terminate the interview through this section.

  1. Select Contact was not available.

  1. In the Appointment Missed section, select Terminate contact, methodologies met.

  1. Enter any Additional information.
  2. Click Save.



  1. Select Terminate contact.

  1. See Reason for Termination section.
  2. Select the applicable termination reason.

  1. Enter any Additional information.
  2. Click Save.


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