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The Edit module is where users will go to find a list of interviews ready for editing or to see the editing status for an interview.

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Location and navigation

  • Select Research | Edit
  • Hover over or highlight the interview you want to edit and click on the green edit icon to open the Edit view.


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  1. Click this icon to go to the Editing view.

TIP: The edit icon changes colors depending on the editing status of the interview.

  • Green – Ready for editing.
  • Red – Issue has been identified
  • Yellow – Review Requested. 
  1. This area is only available for users with Manage rights. Group columns to manage and track opportunities during the editing process.
  2. Filter by column headers to see specific interviews.
  3. Options menu.


Edit Overview

If you are shown the Editing in Process message it means someone has already started editing the interview. Users with Modify rights cannot open the interview for editing until the person who started it has selected Stop work on interview.

Note: Users with Manage rights can override work started by another user. Click here for more information.

  • Interviewer Notes will appear when you first land on this screen. Editors have ability to see notes saved by the interviewer that may impact the transcription or editing process.

Note: These notes are shown only in the research tools (in Interview, Editing and Analysis) and are not in the Research Notes and Activities.


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The following options are available in this screen.

  1. The Program Opportunity, and contact name are always displayed.
  2. Question labels and Scratch pad toggle
  3. Interview Panel – This is where the editing takes place, it shows all the questions and answers. Within this panel, you have the ability to add and delete additional comments;



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  1. An audio player will display on the top right when an interview recording is available.


Options Menus

Finish Editing Options Menu


There are several options to select here;

  • Request review – If you require this to be reviewed select this option.
  • Publish interview – This will publish the interview and make it available to all subscribers.
  • Abandon interview – If this interview is no longer required, select this option. Doing this will remove the interview from the research process.


Options Menu


  • Edit Opportunity
  • Notes from interviewer - This will display any notes attached by the interviewer during the interview process.
  • Open interview – Opens the interview in a new tab
  • View in the Dashboard – This will open up the Dashboard view of the interview in a new tab.
  • View research activity – This will display all activity and history of this contact.
  • View terms – View any applicable terms for the selected program.


Manage Rights Options


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