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The Scheduling view in the Research / Schedule module is where the scheduler will go when the program is ready to start scheduling interviews with the opportunity contacts.

In Scheduling, the scheduler can track communication with the contact (e.g., phone calls, email response, etc.), set a callback date, set up or reschedule an interview date and time, or terminate a contact to stop the scheduling process.

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Location and navigation

Select Research / Schedule

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  1. Click the green phone icon sched1.5.png for the opportunity that the scheduler wishes to schedule an interview with.
  2. Click to filter and change the column views as needed.


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Note: The phone icon is only visible if the scheduler has Modify rights for the program.


Rescheduling Interviews

If an appointment is missed, an email alert is sent to user(s) who have the Coordinator Manager role. Simultaneously, the interview will return to the Schedule grid, and the row will display a red highlight to make it easy to find and reschedule. 


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Scheduling Overview


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  1. Program Opportunity and name
  2. Displays the contact's Phone, Email, and Time zone
  3. The last activity applied is displayed.
  4. The total number of phone calls and emails sent.
  5. Scheduling activity options.
  6. This panel will change based on the option selected on the left-hand panel.


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