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The Editing module is where users will go to transcribe the recording, edit responses, add additional comments, and exclude questions from the interview.

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  1. Select Research.
  2. Select Edit.


  1. Hover over or highlight the interview you want to edit and click on the green edit icon to open the Editing view.


  1. If you are shown the Editing in Process message it means someone has already started editing the interview. Users with Modify rights cannot open the interview for editing until the person who started it has selected Stop work on interview.

Note: Users with Manage rights can override work started by another user. Click here for more information.


Editing Overview

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What is the Scratch Pad?

The scratch pad is for users to take notes or enter timestamps that need review. Notes entered into the scratch pad will not be used anywhere else, it is strictly for users with Modify or Manage rights to the Research / Edit module.


Finish Editing Options


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