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The Reasons for Winning and Reasons for Losing pages, which are accessed from the Outcome Reasons view, show the interview insights, an assessment on how you compared to the competition, and a list of the top three supporting attributes for the selected criterion.

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  1. Select Dashboard.

  1. On the Outcome Reasons tile, select Go to details.

  1. To get to the Reasons for Winning page, select Go to details from the Why You Win tile.
  2. To see the Reasons for Losing page, select Go to details from the Why You Lose tile.

Note: From the Why You Win or Why You Lose charts, you can also navigate to Reasons for Winning or Reasons for Losing pages by clicking a bar in the chart.


Reasons for Winning or Losing Overview

The image below is of the Reasons for Winning page. There are a few minor differences in the Reasons for Losing page, all listed beneath the image.

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Reasons for Losing page differences:

  • Rather than Advantage Assessment you will see the Disadvantage Assessment. This shows how much of a disadvantage you have compared to the competitor for the selected criterion.
  • The Supporting Attributes will be the top three criteria also included in interviews as reasons for losing when the selected criterion is a reason for losing.


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