Outcome Reasons: Detail and Summary Views

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The Outcome Reasons view provides a break-down of your top reasons for winning or losing by major or minor impact, as well as by category.

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Outcome Reasons Details Location

From the Dashboard, select Go to details on the Outcome Reasons tile. The Outcome Reasons child view will open by default in the Details view.




Outcome Reasons Details Overview

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This view provides an in-depth snapshot of the reasons why you win and lose. Here, you can see the top three reasons why you win and lose as well as a breakout of which categories have the most impact on your win or loss drivers.



  • Export: Each tile in the Details view and Summary view offers the ability to export an image of the chart, the details of the chart, or both.
  • Go to details on any tile or click directly on a particular criterion to drill down even further and review the insights associated with a particular criterion, see the strength of the advantage or disadvantage for a particular criterion, and other related criteria that frequently appear in conjunction with a particular criterion. Click here for more information on this view.
  • Get help: Keep an eye out for the Help icon ( Quick_Tip_Icon.png ) — when clicked, this icon provides helpful Quick Tips and explanations of different features.


Outcome Reasons Summary Location

To see your outcome reasons data in a chart, change to Summary view by clicking the SUMMARY toggle.



Outcome Reasons Summary Overview

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This view summarizes the Major Impact and Minor Impact reasons you win and lose business. (Calculations here are the same as the Detail view.)

The information in the donut charts comes from the category, or driver, that has the highest frequency of major or minor impact reasons. 

  • The donut chart for wins shows which category most frequently was an advantage for you in wins. 
  • The chart for losses shows which category most frequently was a disadvantage for you in lossess

Please note that this view is a static display. While you can click to filter the display to show only Major or Minor impact reasons, doing so will not update the numbers in the charts based on which information you've selected to show in the display.


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