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Rights determine what your TruVoice users are able to see and what they can do in your TruVoice program. This article defines the Rights and the User or Group Types that are applied from the Edit User or Edit Group view in the Users & Groups module.

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Rights Definitions

Right Definition
Access Gives access to the module and supports read-only views.
Modify Gives the ability to add or edit data.
Export Enables the ability to extract data from the page, such as formatted exports, and uploaded materials.
Collaborate Enables access to share features, such as emailing insights from the Dashboard.
Recordings Gives access to play and export audio recordings.
Manage Files Gives the ability to upload and delete files, including audio files.
Manage Provides the ability to modify all elements of the modules and set default settings.


Note: if there is a lock symbol instead of the checkbox it means the right is not available for that module.


User or Group Type

The User and Group Type allows program administrators to quickly assign rights.

Type Rights Modules
 Read Only Access Dashboard
 Collaborative Access
 Program Leader Access
Manage Files
Reports :: Sample Status
Program Settings :: Terms
Administration:: Data Export
  • The Read Only type allows users to access the Dashboard and view tile sub-pages. They cannot export tiles, share views, play and export audio recordings, or upload and delete files.
  • The Collaborative type allows users to access the Dashboard, view tile sub-pages, export tiles, share views, and play and export audio recordings. They cannot upload or delete files.
  • The Program Leader type allows users to access the Dashboard, Sample Status Report, and Terms modules. They can view sub-pages, export Dashboard tiles and Sample Status information, share views, play and export audio recordings, upload and delete files, and create and edit Terms.



Although the Rights are clearly defined, there is one exception where the definition doesn’t fit for a specific right and module.
For the Research / Schedule module giving a user the Access right will allow them to use the “Send Notification” ability which would normally be a Modify right.


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