TruVoice Release On January 26, 2018

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  • Dashboard
    • Advanced and basic filters have been merged
    • Quick Filters button location moved for usability
  • Framework: Communications
    • Added Email Settings tile, users can now define the "Sent From" email address for:
      • The Initial Notification Email sent to the respondent
      • All Scheduling emails sent to the respondent
      • The Published Interview Notification
  • Analysis Options
    • Ability to merge Aspects
    • Ability to create a new category
  •  Research/Schedule
    • Ability to select the "Send From" email address for the Initial Notification Email sent to the respondent and all Scheduling emails
  •  Research/Analyze
    • Ability to select the "Send From" email address for the Published Interview Notification, if the setting is saved in Framework: Communications
    • Added new option to Preview the Published Notification Email before publishing
  • Interview Builder
    • Renamed Question Category to Identifier and renamed some identifiers
    • Ability to view list of all question's available in the outline and quickly see which outlines they belong to
    • Added ability to copy display conditions from other answers within the same question
    • Driver Choices page added


  • Dashboard
    • Advanced Filters save button was disabled after removing a parameter
    • Advanced Filters gave an error when attempting to filter on KPIs
    • Customer Quadrant and Performance in Important Areas tiles for Customer Experience programs did not populate when they should, for some programs 
    • Some scores in the Importance vs. Performance scores were not updating properly after re-publish or update to the published interview
    • Outcome Reasons showed a blank row in the Reasons for Winning by Category (isolated bug)
    • Interviews showed foreign language responses in the interview transcript
  • Analysis Options
    • Search function was close and sometimes did not function properly
  • Research/Edit
    • Search functionality in Editing Deck did not return results from within Open Ended Looped responses
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