TruVoice Release on February 2, 2018

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  • Survey
    • Internal link only - hide disabled survey questions from the question control
  • Research/Interview
    • Add respondent title to the contact details window 
  • Research/Sample
    • Opportunities saved without an opportunity value will show as "Unavailable" in the Opportunity Value column on the Sample grid


  • Dashboard
    • Switching between saved dashboards was not updating filters
    • Export button missing from Importance vs Performance scores page
    • Bug fix for contents of tag control in quick filters
  • Research/Sample
    • Imported tags not saving appropriately
    • Unable to add account managers
  • Research/Analyze
    • Linked trigger questions were showing in the un-linked evidence tab in Buyer Analysis Competitive Advantage scores not calculating (isolated bug, affected one program)
  • Templates
    • Users unable to add new templates after disabling old templates
  • Tags
    • Interviews which have not been published were showing in the Published tab 
  • Analysis Options
    • Buyer attributes missing for a specific program
  • Interview builder
    • Page loads blank when creating a new interview
    • KPI question displaying as blank 
  • Analysis Options
    • Buyer attributes missing for a specific program
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