TruVoice Release on February 9, 2018

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  • TruVoice emails
    • Updated email server to accommodate future flexibility needs
  • Research/Edit
    • Em-dash added to editing toolbar 


  • Dashboard
    • Disabled secondary information fields are included in export
    • Searching Outcome Reasons insights does not search on Aspect
    • Attached files cannot successfully be removed from opportunities
  • Research/Sample
    • Outcome is incorrectly being assigned to some Market Research opportunities
    • Web only flag not being assigned on Import
    • Unable to add account managers
  • Research/Schedule
    • Bug with alternate 'From' email address for Interview Scheduled email
  • Research/Edit
    • Interview notes not showing
    • Web only opportunities can't be edited and published
  • Templates
    • Token can't be added to a blank subject line
  • Interview builder
    • Several Interview builder fixes 
  • Users & Groups
    • Error on auto-subscribe 
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