TruVoice Release on February 20, 2018

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  • Dashboard
    • Change the quick-filter tag control to enable selecting multiple tags
    • Layout update to Outcome Reasons child page
    • Layout update to Experience Drivers child page
    • Category column and control added to the Outcome Reasons and Experience Drivers child pages
    • Aspects added to Outcome Reasons child page
    • Update to Save Dashboard functionality from Advanced Filters window
  • Research/Sample
    • Several enhancements to Export file
    • Enhancement to allow all characters for Sales Rep and Account Manager fields in Import file
  • Research/Schedule
    • Various updates and fixes to the Web Only scheduling view
  • Research/Analyze
    • Add editing capabilities within Buyer Analysis
    • Add granular tracking for changes made in Buyer Analysis
    • Update Research Notes and Activities view for visibility into activities in Buyer Analysis
    • Add an Interview Preview link that enables unpublished interview to be shared with client users
  • Templates
    • New web-only templates and categories
    • New styling options for template text, including tokens
  • Users and Groups
    • Moved 'Send Intro' button to overview panel for easier access
  • Research Notes and Activities
    • Page redesign with additional information added
  • Data Export (beta)
    • Combined export option
    • Streamlined export options


  • Research/Schedule
    • Web only templates not populating for web only sample when the sample is imported instead of added manually
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