TruVoice Release on February 28, 2018

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  • Dashboard
    • Price position: Added ability to click to see which interviews are included 
    • Price position: Added outcome control
    • Outcome Reasons (WL)/Experience Drivers (CE): Updated final drill-down page to make it easier to view evidence for insights
  • Framework: Communications
    • Added option to set custom 'From' email to default
  •  Research/Schedule
    • Added ability to expand email window when sending confirmation email
    • Added option to include calendar invite in the confirmation email
  • Interview Builder
    • Updated default questions in Win Loss interview guide
    • Updated default looping logic
  • Data Export
    • Various UI enhancements
  • Reports/Sample Status
    • Added report level 'Clear Filters' button


  • Dashboard
    • Questions and Answers: For specific question types, Export Detailed List failed to export.
    • Profile Export: Some exports were not showing client scores
  • Research/Schedule
    • Scheduling view not selecting the correct default survey outline
  • Data Export (Beta)
    • Data file missing when exporting without analysis
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