TruVoice Release on March 2, 2018

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  • Tokens
    • Respondent-specific survey links can now be created using email tokens
  • Research/Interview
    • When uploading a recording, phone number is auto-filled when available
  • Research/Analyze
    • User's analyze queue configuration is remembered between page navigations and logins
    • Warning message when disabling secondary information fields is removed
  • Interview Builder
    • New view for setting criteria questions order


  • Dashboard
    • Competitive Position: 'View evidence' option was not available for some insights
    • Products missing from the opportunity details tab for some interviews
  • All Research Modules
    • Clicking 'Open Interview' failed
  • Research/Sample
    • Sample grid needed additional click to load for a new program
    • Sample page wouldn't open for a client
  • Research/Schedule
    • Tokens button was missing in the Confirmation Email window
    • Problems with sample associated with an inactive contract
    • Notification email was at times copying sales reps and account executives twice
    • Scheduling activity was not enabled for a specific program
  • Interview Builder
    • Questions defined in interview builder were being excluded from survery
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