TruVoice Release on March 12, 2018

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  • Dashboard
    • Updates to Interviews tile
    • Include Aspects in Profile Export
    • Improve Outcome Reasons tile display handling of fewer than three Reasons 
  • Research
    • Schedule/Scheduling
      • Update Last Activity tile for 'Notification sent'
      • Add 'Notification email' option (send and receive)
      • Rename 'Interviews' tab to 'Scheduling'
    • Analyze/Buyer Analysis
      • Enable ability to create an Aspect directly from an insight
  • Reports
    • Add quick filters to Sample Status report
  • Program Settings
    • Analysis Options
      • Add ability to move an Aspect from one attribute to another
    • Interview Builder
      • Updates to Generic Link date management



  • Research
    • Edit
      • Qualifying Question answers not appearing
    • Analyze
      • User is moved out of edit mode when attempting to view HTML source code
  • Program Settings
    • Terms
      • Unable to create new Terms or edit existing Terms
    • Interview Builder
      • Unable to fully delete a question from an existing outline
  • Administration
    • Data Export
      • Labels shown in question headers when exporting with IDs
      • Question Key contains duplicates with incorrect values
      • Missing column for write-in choice
      • Unable to open export when filename exceeds a certain length
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