TruVoice Release on March 22, 2018

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  • Research
    • Sample
      • Add Sales Rep field for market research programs
    • Schedule/Scheduling
      • Progress bar for web-only batch sending emails
    • Analyze/Buyer Analysis
      • Allow for editing of publish notification from the publish view
      • Allow for manual override of Outcome Strength (Win Loss) and Renewal Risk (Customer Experience)
  • Reports
    • Reformatting of date in export for several internal reports
  • Program Settings
    • Framework
      • Customer Experience: New page to customize settings for Renewal Likelihood score
    • Interview Builder
      • Pricing added to Driver Choices page
    • Tokens
      • New tokens for Discoveries: Program Partner, Sales Reps, Account Managers
      • New tokens for Customer Experience programs: Renewal Likelihood Score, Renewal Risk



  • Dashboard
    • For a client, custom data points missing from Importance vs Performance
  • Research
    • Sample
      • Filter applied to one program is retained across different programs
      • Needs Discovery not automatically applied when that option is selected in the Conclude Interview view
      • Cannot add discovery contacts when Edit Opportunity is accessed from Research/Edit
    • Schedule
      • Last activity tile not linking to the email sent when the last disposition is Outside Email
      • Outside email sent date selector only includes present and future dates. It should include only past and present.
      • Duplicates check box filter options in the Priority column
      • Discovery Sessions
        • Date filtering not working
        • Redirect not happening with terminate dispositions
        • Navigation to Edit from the Opportunity Contacts modal not working
        • Some content missing from page
        • Additional unneeded buttons showing
        • Disposition notes missing in the Research Notes and Activities page with Outside Emails
    • Interview
      • Interviews that need rescheduling are shown in the interview queue
    • Analyze
      • After publishing an interview, the CIP selector does not update
      • When browser is zoomed in, some interviews are hidden
  • Program Settings
    • Terms
      • Unable to create new Terms or edit existing Terms
    • Interview Builder
      • Unable to fully delete a question from an existing outline
  • Administration
    • Data Export
      • Labels shown in question headers when exporting with IDs
      • Question Key contains duplicates with incorrect values
      • Missing column for write-in choice
      • Unable to open export when filename exceeds a certain length
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