TruVoice Release on April 4, 2018

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  • Dashboard
    • Price position: Tile updates including the option to view client price vs all competitors
    • Filters: Added filter groups to advanced filters, enabling complex filter logic
    • Interview grid: Added clear filters button
    • Importance vs Performance scores page: Added clear filters button
    • Added option to export search results into a Word file instead of an excel file
  • Research
    • Sample
      • Unsaved changes notification
    • Schedule/Scheduling
      • 'Callback date' column
      • Usability updates to Received/Sent outside email dispositions
      • Indicator if the survey link is already completed
      • Date field added to verification requested disposition
      • Update to Callback toggle logic 
    • Analyze/Buyer Analysis
      • Alphabetize aspects
      • Added Autosave
      • Make 'Update published interview' the default for published interviews
      • Enabled click-to-sort in the grid
      • Added live text search to the CIP selector in the Published Interviews tab
      • Added button to revisit editor notes
      • Enable editing of opportunity name
    • Edit
      • Enabled click-to-sort in the grid
      • Removed Length from the web-only grid
  • Program Settings
    • Analysis Options
      • Added ability to copy analysis options from another program 
      • Tie edits to aspects to existing insights with those aspects
    • Interview Builder
      • Menu option for assigning questions from Master
  • Data Export (Beta)
    • Added unique identifiers for write in columns
    • Updated export order so criteria order in export matches criteria order in question key
    • Added trigger IDs to the question key for all driver performance questions
  • Discovery Session integration
    • Added discovery prep page
    • Added discovery tool



  • Dashboard
    • When contacts are added by generic link, name was not updating in the dashboard
    • Questions and Answers
      • Sorting not recognizing 0 as the lowest number
  • Research
    • Sample
      • Edit to Company name updates Opportunity name
      • Opportunity value label shown on the wrong size
      • Importing sample with a large amount of tags causes an error
    • Schedule
      • Fixes to disposition notes for terminating dispositions
      • Fixes to discovery session schedule tab
      • Search field was not working in the Schedule grid
      • Error when attempting a batch 'Outside notification sent' disposition
    • Analyze
      • Renewal likelihood override not populating in all locations
  • Program Settings
    • Interview Builder
      • Incorrect looping logic for the Overall Price question pack 
      • When autopopulating the criteria question order, the page fails
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