TruVoice Release on April 25, 2018

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  • Dashboard
    • New Aggregate Topics view
      • Access from Topics tile on the dashboard
      • Includes ability to view topics in aggregate and export topics in aggregate
    • Insights moved entirely to the aggregate insights page
      • Access from Insights tile on the dashboard
    • Questions and Answers renamed to Responses
      • Access from Responses tile on the dashboard
  • Research
    • Schedule/Scheduling
      • Batch disposition updates: Left voice message and Outside custom email sent
      • UI indicator for scheduled Discovery Sessions
      • New Cancelled Interview disposition
    • Interview
      • Enhancements to Beta version of Discovery tool
      • Added ability to attach discovery audio
      • Added scheduled discoveries to the Interview queue
      • Several discovery tool enhancements
    • Analyze/Buyer Analysis
      • Differentiation between contact and opportunity level secondary information fields
      • Added option to expand and collapse responses
      • Added option to expand and collapse the question area
  • Program Settings
    • Interview Builder
      • Default question updates
      • Enhancement to form opened ended question flexibility
    • Framework
      • Customize when a contact is created from a generic survey link
      • Enable notifications to specific users when a survey is completed
    • Analysis Options
      • Differentiate between contact level and opportunity level secondary information fields
      • Set fields to be hidden from the dashboard by default
  • Reports
    • New Questions report




  • Dashboard
    • Importance vs Performance
      • Excluded trigger questions appearing in buyer comments
    • Price position
      • Clicking on a bar in the chart shows and error for some competitors
  • Research
    • Interview
      • Various fixes to discovery prep and discovery tool
    • Edit
      • Selecting Review Completed from the options menu causes the page to fail
      • When the Stop Work on Interview option is selected, the editor column is not cleared
    • Analyze
      • Add Aspect button unreliable at a deep zoom
      • When grouped by column, column formatting is disturbed
  • Reports
    • Sample Status
      • Imported sample not immediately showing up in the Sample Status report
  • Admin
    • Users and Groups
      • Domain warning message shows when the first user is added for a new client
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