TruVoice Release on May 9, 2018

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  • Dashboard
      • Tool tip information added to quantitative page controls
      • Hide secondary information fields with no data 
  • Research
    • Sample
      • New column with original contact name
      • Enable importing secondary information fields with sample
      • Update contact details with survey responses
    • Discoveries
      • Discussion questions/notes added in prep page
      • Font size control
      • Several UI updates
    • Analyze/Buyer Analysis
      • Font size control
      • Edit history log
      • Unsaved changes modal
    • Research notes and activities
      • Tiles hidden
      • Add history of edits to contact details
  • Program Settings
    • Interview Builder
      • Updated language for Refused response
    • Analysis Options
      • Attribute column added to the Attribute/Aspect export


  • Analyze
    • Attribute name for specific attribute displaying incorrectly (Referencability)
    • Analyst name not clearing when user stops work on interview
  • Reports
    • Sample Status
      • Duplicate tags shown in filter control
  • Program Settings
    • Analysis Options
      • Edits to Buyer Roles cannot be saved
  • Admin
    • Users and Groups
      • User with role assigned not showing that role in the grid
    • Interview Builder
      • Bulk adding criteria feature broken
    • Data export (beta)
      • Data missing for write in responses
      • When a new answer option is added it isn't included in order in the export or included at all in the question key
      • Characters shown in place of quotation marks and apostrophes 
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