TruVoice Release on May 30, 2018

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  • Dashboard
    • New Insight Frequency page
      • See attribute frequencies across all interviews
      • View on Aspect level or Attribute level
      • Dedupliate on Interview level or Opportunity level
      • Export to see all insights that drive the frequencies
    • See interviews included in the data set in the Importance vs Performance and Scores pages
    • Dashboard can be customized to display Company name (updated with survey responses) or Opportunity name throughout
    • Empty dashboard tiles collapse by default
    • Add Topics to custom profile export options
    • Recognize leading and trailing spaces when searching in the Interviews page
  • Research
    • Sample
      • Survey links can be exported from Research/Sample
      • Reordering of secondary information fields on import
    • Interview
      • Add a 'Missed Appointments' tab for interviews that were missed and in the process of being rescheduled 
      • New option to disable audio playback in the dashboard
      • New option to conclude an interview without audio
      • New ability to play audio recordings in the conclude view prior to attaching them
      • New duplicate check when editing opportunity name
    • Discovery tool
      • Enable adding multiple action items per page
      • New summary page
    • Edit
      • Edit tab added for discovery sessions (editing page not yet functional for discoveries)
      • New duplciate check when editing opportunity name
    • Analyze/Buyer Analysis
      • Expand/Collapse all questions
      • Expand/Collapse all charts
      • Hide main header for increased work space
      • Remember users' visual settings
      • Added option to expand and collapse responses
      • Added option to expand and collapse the question area
      • New duplicate check when editing opportunity name
      • Added text size options
      • New field in publish view to display group subscribers
  • Program Settings
    • Interview Builder
      • Individual contact info fields can be mapped to Research/Sample fields
      • Added Opportunity token to survey
      • Added 'Total cost' criteria by default into Criteria Importance when no pricing criteria are defined
    • Framework
      • Page reorganization
      • New field: Client address
      • Customize whether dashboard shows Opportunity name or Company name 
    • Tokens
      • Add custom drivers to tokens menu
  • Reports
    • Enhancements to Questions report
    • Enable filtering by Last activity date in Sample Status report




  • Dashboard
    • Interview
      • Opportunity value not recognizing custom symbols/positions
      • Insight ordering
  • Research
    • Sample
      • Market research programs showing Account Manager field in Add Opportunity view and in Sample grid
    • Schedule
      • Contacts with callback dates in the future appears in several filter views for sample needing contact
      • Search not working with active column filters
      • Incomplete notes saving with the Scheduled Interview disposition
      • Received outside email is showing as a sent email in the 'Last email sent' column
      • Unable to select a past date for Outside Notification Sent
      • Notification email modal from the last activity tile populates blank
      • Email sent modal from the last activity tile populates blank 
    • Edit
      • Form open end responses appearing as labels
    • Analyze
      • Secondary info industry definitions remain on the screen until refreshing
      • The jump to menu not allowing user to move to a question after scrolling
      • Previous Publish Notification failing
  • Reports
    • Sample Status
      • Imported sample not immediately showing up in the Sample Status report
  • Program Settings
    • Tags
      • Tags grid is recognizing respondent name as it was when it was added rather than current name
    • Templates
      • Group subscriber tab not showing groups from linked clients
  • Admin
    • Data Export (beta)
      • Some question types have columns exporting out of order
      • Form open end responses flipping with labels
      • Extra blank columns shown for some questions
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