TruVoice Release on June 20, 2018

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  • Dashboard
    • Price Position enhancement to show price data vs multiple vendors
    • Insight Frequency page enhancements
      • Added page level filters
      • Remember filter selections between logins
      • Show attribute and aspect definitions on hover and in export
      • Readability enhancements
    • Topics can be created from the search results in the interview view
    • Importance vs Performance: Contributing interviews and their scores included on the page
  • Research
    • Sample
      • Updates to Add contact UI
    • Schedule
      • In bulk web only emails, sales reps and account managers can be CC'ed and BCC'ed
    • Interview
      • Interviews can be concluded without audio
      • Interviews can be concluded with audio, with audio disabled in the dashboard
  • Program Settings
    • Templates
      • Plain text version of all templates auto-created and can be edited
      • Template ordering
      • New template category for Discovery publish notifications
    • Tokens
      •  New Unsubscribe token for emails
      • New address token for emails
  • Admin
    • System
      • New module for creating dispositions and categories
    • Users and Groups
      • Save button disabled until there are changes
      • Message shows if user has rights to a program through a group membership
      • Live search added to restrictions tab
      • Live search added to groups tab



  • Dashboard
    • Interview
      • Opportunity level secondary info fields are showing for some programs even when they have no value
  • Research
    • Analyze
      •  Auto-save prompts to restore changes that have already been saved
  • Reports
    • Sample Status
      • A scheduled interview that was then terminated still showing in Scheduled stage in the chart
  • Program Settings
    • Analysis options
      • Renamed criterion is showing twice
    • Tokens
      • Contact token populating with outdated data
    • Interview Builder
      • Expiration date for generic link is not saving properly
      • Answer elements reordering on save
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