TruVoice Release on July 11, 2018

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  • Dashboard
    • Insight Frequencies
      • Added ability to save grid and top level control filter settings
      • Added ability to click on a frequency to see contributing insights
    • Importance vs Performance
      • Added Results criteria and KPIs to the scores page for Customer Experience programs
      • Updated the chart on the child page to show both client and competitor scores, making it easier to spot gaps
  • Research
    • Sample
      • New opportunity level fields: Sales Manager, Close Date, Tags, Opportunity Questions, Discovery Notes
      • Added ability to assign Sales Reps and Sales Managers across clients for linked clients
      • Added additional tags functionality in the Add/Edit contact window
      • Added new columns to Nominated Contacts grid: Email, Phone, Ext, Sales Rep Email, Account Manager Email
    • Schedule
      • Added the ability to batch email from Schedule with Manage rights
      • Enhancements to the information included in the Last Activity tile
    • Interview
      • Added more details to the Incentive control
    • Analyze
      • Added ability to link individual ratings as evidence, rather than the full quant question
  • Program Settings
    • Templates
      • Updates to subscriber list management
    • Interview Builder
      • Added 'Last chance' survey outline
  • Admin
    • Framework
      • New module: Settings to determine, on a program and groups level, who sees which dashboard tiles
      • New module: Settings to determine, on a program and groups level, who sees which identifying features about interviews (Respondent name, Respondent title, Opportunity name, Sales rep, Account rep)
    • Users and Groups
      • Added a "Restricted User" setting
        • Restricts user from all interviews - current and future - for the selected program. Restrictions can be removed on an interview by interview basis. Further front end support for this feature coming soon.
      • Updates to 'Add User' modal



  • Dashboard
    • Interview
      • When no scores are available for renewal risk, dashboard showing '0%' instead of '-'
      • When there are zero interviews meeting filter criterion, date range in interviews page showing (Unknown to Unknown) and should be hidden
      • Several old interviews can't be opened in Interview view
      • Outcome strength being shown for No Decision interviews
    • Importance vs Performance
      • Performance scores of 0 being shown as 'NA' in scores table
    • Competitive Weaknesses
      • Interviews Included modal including a Win in a multi-select deal
  • Research
    • Schedule
      • Schedule disposition notes showing 'Undefined' as interviewer
      • Unable to re-engage terminated web-only contacts
    • Interview
      • Play feature for attached recording not working for some discovery sessions
    • Analyze
      • Error when attempting to edit opportunity details from Buyer Analysis
      • Navigation to Edit Opportunity not working from Buyer Analysis
      • Write in values not showing for multi select looping questions
  • Program Settings
    • Templates
      • Edit template preview error
  • Survey
    • With looping quant questions, 'Other' write in choice not showing on first click through
    • For a specific survey, criterion IDs storing instead of values
  • Admin
    • Users and Groups
      • Save not enabled with changes to User Type/Group Type control
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